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Client: Hightex (2011)

Highly translucent, inflatable retractable stadium roof over field of play


Tony Hogg Design were responsible for the design of fabric and fittings for the retractable roof on the refurbished BC Place stadium, Vancouver's premier sporting and exhibition venue.


A cable-net roof structure supported from 36 steel masts has been added to the perimeter of the stadium. The overall system is akin to 18 suspension bridges with the main upper cables supporting a gently domed array of lower radial cables that form the structure for the fixed and retractable elements of the roof. The 100m x 85m area over the field of play is closed to the weather by a highly translucent PTFE fabric membrane. This retractable canopy is comprised of 36 inflatable cushions, which are fixed via 360 sliding carriages to the lower radial cables. When the roof is opened for blue-sky events, the cushions are deflated prior to mechanically retracting into a central pod located above the video scoreboard over the centre of the pitch.


When the roof is deployed, an integral inflatable closure on the outer perimeter seals against the glass shelf interface of the fixed roof. A fabric closure skirt at the centre node ensures a weather-tight interior environment giving the stadium full protection from the elements. The transformation from a fully enclosed indoor arena to an open-air facility takes 20 minutes.

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