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Client: Base Structures (2009)

ETFE clad arched roof structure over the street


David Samworth and Nottingham University have sponsored one of the highest quality building developments for education in the country at the Nottingham University Samworth Academy.  Base Structures and Tony Hogg Design were contracted to provide their expertise to produce an atrium roof structure to cover the street area between the two main buildings.  THD successfully worked as consultant engineers for the whole roof structure in close partnership with Atkins who were the architects and engineers for the academy buildings.

Tony Hogg Design worked alongside Atkins to produce their structural steel framed buildings on either side of the street to eaves level.  This provided the foundations for a stunning roof in the form of a portal framed arch structure clad with ETFE foil; all of which was entirely designed, engineered and detailed for fabrication by Tony Hogg Design.

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