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Client: Fabric Architecture (2007)

Triple conic canopy over the Saddle Bar


The canopy forms the roof over the central Saddle Bar atrium between the two main grandstands. A triple-conic membrane is supported on tall masts within the atrium. The perimeter bipod steel had to interface with the glass curtain wall allowing the canopy to oversail. Due to its overhang, the  membrane shelters the open-air terrace at the top level of the atrium. Tony Hogg Design worked in collaboration with BDP's Manchester office to develop the scheme. We provided an entire package, providing also the engineering, detail design, and fabrication drawings. Our design required some interesting solutions for the fabric attachment to the lift towers which involved hinged connections to avoid excess moments being transferred to the building. The design also had to take into consideration certain restrictions posed by the sequence of the installation as the membrane had to be winched into position without cranes using only manual means.

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