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Client: J & J Carter (2014)

Multi conical tensile fabric roof system

As part of the redevelopment of Watford Market, a lightweight multi-conic tensile fabric roof solution was chosen to provide cover to market traders working out of unique shipping container units.  THD was responsible for the design, engineering, and coordination of fabric and fittings onto the steel frame.  Each headring cone utilised an adjustable flying strut system supported on cables to minimise visual clutter.  THD had to collaborate with Aecom and TP Bennett to fulfil the architectural brief which was important to the overall aesthetic.  Particular attention was attributed to headring cone sizes and heights, which were minimised were possible.  The PVC coated polyester membrane is lit from underneath to great effect, utilising the properties of the fabric, and can be seen from a distance while providing a light and airy space to users below.
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